Local author writes debut novel

| 15 May 2012 | 02:17

    CHANDLER, ARIZ. — Brighton Publishing LLC announced recently local author Mary Louise Davie had signed for her science fiction debut, Sanación: A Black Hole Mission, launching readers into the farthest reaches of space on a desperate crusade to save mankind. Sanación: A Black Hole Mission is scheduled for release in eBook in summer 2012 followed by the print release in the fall.

    The author lives in West Milford.

    The history of mankind on Earth is one of war, disease and famine. And yet, as a species, we have also striven to understand our place in the universe, indeed have sought to explore beyond the boundaries that confine us. Now, in our darkest hour, the fate of all mankind rests in the hands of a few brilliant and courageous people who will be put to unfathomable tests to save our species.

    Earth’s oxygen is rapidly depleting and our time left on the home in the universe we have ever known is coming to an end. Facing extinction, political and religious differences are, for one shining moment, set aside and the nations and peoples of the planet unite to venture into space in search of a new home. Three ships employing vastly different technologies are launched, and the mission to save mankind is begun.

    The task of the Sanación is the gravest of all. Built, equipped and manned for the purpose of traveling into a black hole with a terrible weapon that may, by the slimmest of odds, allow them to emerge. But before the ship and crew of the Sanación can even think of achieving their goal, an immense journey filled with danger, sacrifice and trials unlike any mankind has before witnessed will put everyone on board to the ultimate test.

    Sanación: A Black Hole Mission pays tribute to Robert Heinlein, dean of science fiction writers, along with Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark and Orson Scott Card. Davie focuses her keen insights on not just space travel but also the social issues which dominate our culture and define human nature, blending science with the pursuit of understanding our own humanity. “Are we, the people of Earth, meant to survive, or in our arrogance simply trade one hell for another?” asks Davie.

    “Fans of modern science fiction will deeply enjoy Sanación: A Black Hole Mission,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing. “On the surface, this is a page turning adventure story that will take readers from the Earth to the moon and from there into the deepest recesses of a dark universe we are only beginning to understand. Underneath that, Davie writes with a passion that carries through to her characters, with their hopes, their dreams, even their romances—and she delivers a fine debut that will earn her many devoted fans.”

    Davie is a lifelong writer, most widely known as a poet and songwriter. An amateur astronomer with an interest in theoretical physics, she spent many a night searching the sky through her telescope. Davie grew up in Union County before moving to West Milford.