Local film maker ready to start

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    SPARTA-Over the past few months, hundreds of Sussex County residents have expressed an interest in being a part of a feature-length motion picture that will be filmed primarily in Sparta. Sky Productions has been accepting pictures that interested candidates have been sending in the hopes of making it to the big screen. On Sunday, June 27, residents throughout the Garden State will be invited to an open call at the Parsippany Sheraton Inn, just off Route 80. The call will take place in the Suffolk room and will provide Kim Sky, the studio president, the opportunity to meet prospective actors. Sky explained the roles are non-paying and should only be considered by applicants for the sheer joy of making movies. Interested candidates should bring a picture of themselves with contact information written on the back. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Auditions will be at held on a first-come, first-serve basis. The movie is set to begin shooting in July and run through August. Interested candidates who have already mailed in pictures for roles will be contacted closer to the beginning of shooting. The movie is a romantic comedy about a family of professional wrestlers, and the efforts of a young woman at finding true love. There is currently an online contest to help name the film which is provisionally being called "Just Another Wrestling Romance Comedy." If the movie ends up being named after one of the submissions, the person will not only receive a credit for the title, but also be given the opportunity to star in a major scene with the stars of the film. Interested participants can log onto www.pebbles.tv for more information and to cast their name ideas. What's needed Dr. Ping: Asian woman, small, thin, thick glasses, thicker accent. Must speak native tongue, age 25-40-years- old, comedic role. Actor must also have Asian/American accent. Barbecue cook: Large male, comedic role, must have large belly and not mind showing it off. Children and teens with dancing and singing talents. Specifically needed are boys for prom scene. Hair salon customer: Adult female age range 60 to 80-years-old, comedic role. Clowns, magicians, and entertainers for a party. Must possess own costumes and/or props. Body builders, both male and female. Adult male extras over the age of 60 that can portray legendary wrestlers. Males age range 20-30 that can portray wrestlers. Must be clean cut and have nice physique. Beautiful wrestling ring girls - age range from 20-30. Candidates must look good in bikini. Adult male 40-50 years of age to portray jeweler. Male bullies: age range 9- to 11-years-old. Male and females that can portray Jewish children, ages 10 to 16-years-old. n Booger boy or girl: male or female - This role will be for an eight to 12 year-old, and will be a one day shoot. Actor must be able to eat candy that is meant to be boogers, without laughing or losing control. n Male and females with love for wrestling. Fans needed. n Witchy teen n female who can laugh and talk like like a witch. n Male and Female midgets and dwarfs. n A Jewish grandmother, and a variety of other older males and females with wrestling knowledge are also needed.