Local girls power expo runway

West Milford. Local Boutique Abby’s Sew Right showed off the latest in evening wear during a fashion show at the Girl Boss Expo in Goshen, New York, on Sunday.

| 23 Oct 2019 | 12:17

Abby’s Sew Right boutique presented the latest in evening wear fashions to around 1,000 attendees at the Girl Boss Expo at the Palacio in Goshen, New York, on Sunday.

The annual expo, sponsored by Straus News, included seminars, entertainment, food and vendor booths building confidence and self-esteem for girls ages 10-18.

The afternoon’s activities included a fashion show from Abby’s Sew Right in West Milford, which included a dozen local volunteer models.

Nicole Sweetman, Madison Babcock, Liliana Sanchez, Brenna Lakardis, Ciara Torres, Kate Vreeland, Abby Budd, Cynthia Dreps, Faith Gross, Nikki Carpenter, Natalie Hamblin, and Colleen Finn took to the runway, showing off the latest designs.

Shop Owner Abbey Beyjoun thanked the girls for volunteering to model, and also assistant Emily Troast and Nicholas Beyjoun for their help during the show.

Abby’s Sew Right is located at 1925 County Road 511 in Hewitt.