N.Y. Times columnist will sign his new book May 20 at Albert Wisner library

| 10 May 2012 | 01:07

WARWICK — Bill Pennington reports there are many very good golfers who are fellow members of the Warwick Valley Country Club.

That’s quite a compliment coming from Pennington, author of “On Par, the Everyday Golfer’s Survival Guide.”

Pennington, who lives in Warwick with his wife, Joyce, and their three children, now ages 13 to 20, decided to introduce his latest book in his hometown of 22 years at a book-signing on May 20 at the Albert Wisner Public Library.

“On Par” was inspired by Pennington’s popular New York Times column and comical Web video series of the same name.

Snake-bit The book, which contains almost entirely original material, is based on Pennington’s decades-long search for golf’s essential principles, its elusive truths and any trick or quick fix he has picked up along the way that will improve your game.

For example, what do you do if your golf ball comes to rest on a snake?

Only in golf could there be two official ways to proceed.

Live snake? Drop a new ball a safe distance away.

Dead snake? You are nearly as doomed: hit the ball as it lies.

Pennington, whose golf ball has come to rest on both a live and a dead snake, understands how golf’s capacious whimsy can leave golfers either euphoric or despondent, and he deals with it all in his new book.

A golfer’s journey “On Par” captures it all, from equipment and instruction, to the rules and language of golf, the camaraderie and psychology and the short game/long game debate.

“It’s the journey all golfers go through,” said Pennington. “The journey never ends. It’s part of the destination.”

In addition to his New York Times column and his video series, Pennington has covered many sports as a reporter at The Times since 1997. He has also written for the New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated and the Sporting News.

As for his comment about his fellow Warwick Country Club members being good golfers, it should be mentioned that Pennington has played rounds with Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and Justin Timberlake.

“Tiger Woods?” he said. “I beat him on one hole.”

By Roger Gavan