Seminar teaches how to avoid debt disaster

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    SUSSEX COUNTY-"How To Become Debt-Free With The Money You Already Make" is a one-evening seminar on getting completely out of debt, operating 100 percent on cash, and building retirement wealth, all with the money people have been wasting on debt payments. It will be held from 9:30-noon on Saturday, Oct. 2 at Sussex Tech High School on Route 94 and White Lake Road in Sparta. Most Americans are one or two paychecks away from insolvency - and in today's economy, being laid off and losing two or more paychecks is an all too frequent occurrence. According to government statistics, 96 percent of Americans do not achieve financial independence, but end up depending on government assistance, charity, family help, or they have to keep working till they die. The seminar will show how a person can pay off every penny of debt - including home mortgage - in seven to ten years and build wealth to retire in comfort. The workshop is conducted by Carl A. Lang, a national seminar leader, a professional speaker, author, entertainer and consultant. No insurance or investments will be offered or sold. An optional textbook is available for $49. For more information and registration, call 973- 383-6700, ext 234.