Thousands flock to air show

| 22 Aug 2012 | 10:41

By Don Webb

— It was a high flying weekend, especially for the thousands of spectators who came out to the Greenwood Lake Air Show and World War II Showcase.
Estimates are that over 16,000 people came to West Milford's Greenwood Lake Airport on Saturday and Sunday for the show, which also featured a car show.
The air show did not only include airplanes flying overhead but also reenactors, like the folks from the Army Air Force Historical Association who took us back in time to the early morning "Mail Call." It brought you back to the days when there was no email or texting, and the only way one got in touch with home was via mail.
There were people who lived the history and were happy to talk about it, as well as historic aircraft, such as the B-25 "Mis Hap" that was owned and flown by Howard Hughes. There was also a C47 Skytrain at the show with a wing span of over 90 feet used to transport paratroopers to missions during World War II.
You may have heard of the movie "Red Tails" about the Tuskegee Airman, the first African-American pilots in the Unites States military. These were the men who broke the color barrier during World War II and the air show had the real deals, not the actors. Tuskegee Airmen John Harrison and Eugene Richardson met with spectators and signed autographs.
John Callahan of Clifton came to the show with his son, Mark, 12. Dad had a video camera and Mark had a small digital still camera.
“My son loves flight, and one day wants to be a pilot in the U.S. Air Force," said Callahan. "He loves the stuff. We cant wait to see the pictures when we get home.”
The highlight of the day came when a six aircraft team called the NorthEast Raiders took to the sky.
Putting on a show of this size and caliber is a huge undertaking. Tim Wagner, manager of the Greenwood Lake Airport, was grateful to the volunteers for their hard work over the last few months.
“Without them, this would not have been possible,” said Wagner. He also thanked the West Milford Police Department, fire department, rescue squad, and the entire township for their support. And, he is already looking forward to next year's show.
“Next year's air show is going to be bigger and better, and this time a three-day event,” add Wagner.
Save the dates: the 2013 Greenwood Lake Airport Air Show is scheduled for Aug. 16, 17 and 18.