WM77tv - TV Just for Us

| 16 Sep 2016 | 12:48

During the week of Oct. 10, WM77 TV will be launching its third season as the local Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) channel for all things West Milford. There will be new shows as well as old favorites. Also new this season is the new tagline, “WM77TV – TV Just for Us!”
Available to Cablevision subscribers on channel 77, WM77 regularly presents programming of interest to the residents of West Milford and nearby areas. Town council and board of education meetings will continue in their regular time slots, as will the Community Bulletin Board, which announces local events (see schedule at westmilfordmessenger.com). Club activities, local history, and non-profit organization profiles, all filmed by West Milford videographers, will be part of the schedule.
Additional programs made available from the Jersey Access Group will help fill out programming with shows on cooking, painting, cars, environmental concerns, plus various space, science and technology topics.
For more information, to see the current schedule, ask about being a volunteer, or to send along your group’s event announcements and promotions, visit www.westmilford.org. You may also email the group at wm77tv@westmilford.org.

New programming

West Milford's channel 77 will have the following new programming this season:
Euro Kitchen - Welcome to Anna Marie’s Italian specialty cooking.
What's Cooking – A fun resource where you can find recipes, cooking tips and much more.
Cooking Healthy - Cooking Healthy with Coastline’s hosts Stephanie Boulay and Jessica Peck will show you how to create a healthy spin on meals.
The Art Show - Host Seph Thomas shows you ways to get past creative blocks and free up your inner artist.
NASA 360 - A half-hour vodcast developed by NASA in partnership with the National Institute of Aerospace.
NASA-X - A half-hour television program and vodcast developed by AMA Studios in partnership with the NASA Langley Research Center.
STEM in 30 - A 30-minute live webcast that focuses on engaging and teaching middle school students on STEM topics, such as World War I airplanes and Mars rovers.
Tae Kwon Do - Grand Master Bob Lemire teaches basic skills in Tae Kwon Do

Returning shows

Ted Talks, Classroom Close-up, 30 Medical Minutes, Health Talk, Aging Insights, In the Fight, Car Guy Channel, Painting with Lucy, Money Matters TV, ABC Catalyst and Miss Merriham,

Community coverage to be filmed

Know the Bear Facts: Sept. 19 by NJDEP Bear biologists
Substance Abuse and the Family: Sept. 28 by Atlantic Health
Stress Mindfulness and Your Health: Oct. 17 by Atlantic Health
Learning to Talk About the “S” Word: Nov. 17 by Atlantic Health
Autumn Lights Festival: Oct 8 PIck up the new schedule.
Go to westmilfordmessenger.com for the WM77 schedule.