What Are the Necessary Repairs After Your Kitchen Flooded?

| 11 Jun 2019 | 11:45

    The water is pouring in from a recent flood, somehow there was a water leak under the sink the family was not at home, or someone left the faucet running which overflowed. These are all scenarios that may happen. We are going to go over what repairs are necessary if there is water damage done to the kitchen of a home.

    Depending on how deep the flood water was will dictate what will be the first step. If the water just covered the floor then this will be the first area to start on. If you have hardwood flooring the flooring will need to be pulled up. Depending on how long the wood was submerged under water will indicate if it can be salvaged. Wood flooring can absorb water and depend on what type of flooding occurred it can harbor bacteria. The kitchen that has linoleum on the flooring will need to be taken up as well. The underlay will need to be cleaned and floorboards underneath inspected most cases these will need to be removed and replaced.

    There are great water damage restoration businesses that can help when drastic flooding happens. The other key importance to look at is the walls and baseboards. Depending on how bad the flooding is this will need to be replaced as well. The walls in a home, once they are wet behind them, can breed fungus, rot, and bacteria. Tearing out the walls and baseboards will be necessary depending on how long the structure was underwater and how high did the water gets. The other item to be aware of behind the walls is the insulation. Once insulation gets wet it needs to be removed and replaced. This again is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

    The appliances will be another area to inspect. These are important because if water has got to them it can cause corrosion on electrical systems. This could lead to fire hazards and also the appliance will not work properly. The water damage restoration business can point you to great places to replace your appliances from. There are great appliances in Tyler TX that work with families that have suffered water damage. There are many appliances in a kitchen from the dishwasher, garbage disposal, ranges, refrigerator, and even smaller items that may have suffered water damage that will need to be inspected.

    Appliances in Tyler TX are not hard to find to get either a brand new replacement or a used replacement. It is better if any water damage happened to get rid of the appliance. The electrical systems may not show damage right away but over time the corrosion will happen. If your dishwasher has any laminate or wooden finishes the water can make them warp from the water and rot.

    The next thing to look into for repair is your cabinets. This includes lower ones and even upper ones depending on the height of the water. The most common type of cabinets is wood or even press wood. Both types will absorb and retain water. This will lead to swelling of the wood, warping of the wood, and over time rot and mildew. The best practice is to remove the old cabinets and put new ones in their place.

    The process is called drying and decontamination when working with an area that has flooded. The opening up and removing items is the top priory. The inspection of all areas including floors, walls, doors, baseboards, appliances, and any other structure in the area that came in contact with water. There are some appliances that can be salvaged if they are removed, cleaned, and left to dry. If during a flood from outside waters it is especially ideal to make sure to decontaminate everything. Floodwaters from outside can have harmful bacteria present in it from sewage.

    It is important to note if you are not using a professional to do the work keep your family and yourself safe. Make sure all electricity has been turned off coming into your home. Make sure you are wearing appropriate masks and gloves to keep from getting sick. Be very careful of the flooring it can become soft and become a falling hazard. Taking the necessary precautions for safety should be the first priority before reentering your home.

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