High Crest dam needs a second state loan to complete the 1.25 million project

West Milford. Township official are supportive of the plans, and said no township tax money is involved with the project

| 18 Nov 2021 | 11:00

The Township of West Milford is supportive of the plans by the High Crest Lodge Inc. for rehabilitation of the High Crest Lake dam. No township tax money is involved with the project.

Officials recently passed a resolution endorsing a submission made by the Lodge to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Dam Safety Section for a loan and execution of an agreement.

There are 280 properties in the High Crest Lake Community with 86 fronting on the lake.

Full cost of the project: $1,250,000

Earlier the association had secured an initial loan in the amount of $575,000 that did not fully cover the expected cost of the $1,250,000 amount needed for the repairs.

A second application to the state for the remainder of the money needed is being made.

Based on professional investigations, the dam needs repair, improvement, and rehabilitation, so the project was initiated.

State loans

The NJDEP offers loans to private entities to effectuate dam repairs if there is township backing of the request. Repairs of other lakes at lake communities, including Pinecliff and Gordon Lakes, were also repaired through such state NJDEP loans.