Town opens Nonzenzo Park field named for retiree

West Milford. Several Township Council members joined the family and friends of longtime township employee Paul Reilly for having a field named after him at Nonzenzo Park Wednesday night.

| 19 Sep 2019 | 12:35

Township Council Members Peter McGuinness, Lou Signorino, Patricia Gerst and Andie Pegel helped open the Paul Reilly field a Nonzenzo Park Wednesday night.

The field, which is lighted, was named after retiring Parks and Recreation Supervisor Paul Reilly, who served the township for 41 years.

“It was a nice ceremony,” McGuinness said. “Paul and his family were very appreciative.”

The council voted earlier this year to recognize Reilly for his four decades of service to the township.

A night soccer game followed the field opening ceremony.