Gottlieb earns certification from NJSBA

| 05 Apr 2012 | 12:29

WEST MILFORD — West Milford Board of Education Vice President Wayne Gottlieb has earned the New Jersey School Boards Association's (NJSBA) Certificated Board Member accreditation. Robin Meehan, a field representative from the NJSBA, presented Gottlieb with a certificate at the March 27 board of education meeting. Gottlieb accumulated 20 credits over a three-year period, which Meehan commented is not an easy thing to do, having done it herself.

“I congratulate you, it is an honor, and we really are happy that you’ve done this. Congratulations,” said Meehan.

The NJSBA offers individual certification programs for board members who wish to take their training to a higher level, including those for Certificated Board Member, Master Board Member, and Certified Board Leader.

According to the NJSBA Web site, “The Certificated Board Member is the first tier of the NJSBA Board Member Academy certification program. Areas of study are designed to give members a firm foundation in the essential governance skills needed to carry out their responsibilities. To receive this certification, board members must earn at least 20 credits and attain some credits in all of the following CBM core topic areas:

Relationships: board/superintendent, board/community, board/board

Policy Curriculum School Finance

School Law Labor Relations Board Operations

Once all core areas have been addressed, the balance of credit hours may be earned in any of NJSBAs training programs. Credits must be earned at a rate of at least two per year.

Although NJSBA believes that training is essential, it should supplement, not replace, actual board experience. Therefore, a CBM will not be conferred prior to the member’s completion of at least one three-year term.”