Suspicious vehicle complaint leads to drug arrest

West Milford. K9 search of vehicle reveals secret stash of drugs, narcotic paraphernalia and hypodermic syringes.

| 06 Apr 2020 | 03:39

The case begin when a resident of Bobby Lane saw a suspicious car in the neighborhood. It would end with the arrest of a Warwick, N.Y., man on multiple drug charges.

Here's how the West Milford Police Department describe the case:

On Friday, March 22, at 3:21 p.m., a resident of Bobby Lane observed a suspicious black Cadillac with a New York license plate parked in their neighborhood.

The resident reported seeing two occupants throwing items from the car on to the street. As the resident approached the car, it quickly took off. The resident discovered empty heroin glassines on the roadway and contact West Milford Police.

Officer Jonathan Bregman responded.

Meanwhile, members of the community shared the incident on social media, telling other residents to “Be aware” and “Keep their eyes open.”

Two days later, on March 24, at 3:06 p.m., residents of Bobby Lane again observed the same vehicle in the area and notified West Milford Police Department.

Patrol officers and detectives responded to the area but the vehicle had left the area.

A search of the area was conducted but was unable to locate the vehicle. Officers again collected empty heroin glassines that were thrown from the vehicle.

In an effort to catch the individual in the Cadillac, detectives set up surveillance in the area for the remainder of the week but the vehicle did not return.

But then on March 28, at 4:19 p.m. the Cadillac returned to Bobby Lane. And residents again contacted West Milford Police.

Officer Jill Brickman, Michael Weber, Andrew Petrucelli and Stephen Herzog responded and were able to stop the vehicle. The operator was identified as Frank Gaudiello, 48, of Warwick, N.Y., and passenger as Shawn Golembreski, 30, of Hewitt.

Gaudiello was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of hypodermic syringes.

Golembreski was arrested for several outstanding warrants and was also charged with possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of hypodermic syringes.

Both were processed and released on summonses to appear in West Milford Municipal Court.

The Cadillac was impounded and an exterior sniff of the vehicle was conducted by Passaic County Sheriff Department K9 Team. PCSD Officer Peter Pogorzelski and K9 Nero conducted the search. K9 Nero indicated the presence of additional narcotics.

Officer Stephen Herzog applied for a search warrant of the vehicle which was approved. The search warrant was executed by Herzog, Detective Nicholas Snook and Detective Sergeant Eric Darnsteadt. During the search

Officers recovered 390 glassines of Heroin, 50 30 mg. tablets of Oxycodone, a small baggie of marijuana and additional 9 hypodermic syringes.

Warrants were then issued for Gaudiello, charging him with the following: Possession of Heroin, Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS in a School Zone, Possession of Prescription Legend Drugs, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia, and Possession of Hypodermic Syringes.

Gaudiello later turned himself in and was transported to Passaic County Jail.