2022 ‘House Beautiful’ contest rules announced

| 11 May 2022 | 10:11

The popular House Beautiful contest throughout the Township of West Milford to honor people who make an extra effort in care of their homes and gardens will take place June through August, after which representatives of the West Milford Beautification and Task Force Committee will choose winners and announce awards.

JoAnn Blom, representing the committee, spoke about the contest at a recent township council meeting. She said the committee recognizes the hard work that goes into creating eye-catching, pleasant scenes at local homes, which illustrates the friendly type of community that embodies West Milford. The committee also wants to express recognition and appreciation of the people who spend many hours creating places of beauty.

Anyone can nominate a home site for the award, even the homeowner themselves. Information about the contestant must be submitted to the West Milford Township Clerk’s office at the West Milford Municipal Building at 1480 Union Valley Road, West Milford, NJ 07480.

The following information must be included: Name of contestant and the address of the location proposed for the award, as well as a contact phone number and a photo with the year 2022 and the month to be included in the submission. The applicant must sign the back of the photo and include the date.

A stipulation for contestants is that no professional landscapers can have done work at the location. The property nominated for the honor award must be visible from the road or street. Committee representatives will visit and observe the site before making their decisions. Three awards will be presented.