A Taste of Thailand opens in West Milford

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    The exterior of Khun Thon, West Milford's newest eatery, is deceptive. The small restaurant on Marshall Hill Road near Ace Hardware might not initially seem to be a draw. Appearances, however small and unassuming in this case, should be put side. A step into the fresh and spicy aroma and Thai cuisine may soon become the choice when cooking dinner just feels like too much. The restaurant opened last Friday, July 15 and proprietor Nikorn was clearly thrilled with his first venture into ownership. "I have worked for five years in New York City restaurants and I wanted to try running my own business." Nikorn, 35, has lived in West Milford for 22 years and is only too happy to spread the word on Thai food. "It has more spices than other Oriental food. It's also different in that it is a combination of hot, sweet and sour." Alongside Nikorn is his Aunt New who is sharing the cooking responsibilities. A brief glimpse at the menu will have your taste buds firing with a choice of eight appetizers. There are soups and noodles including the inviting drunken noodles and classic Singapore noodles. There are also several Thai curries and a tempting list of entrees. For those who like their spicy food on the mild side, the menu has little peppers indicating heat. Nikorn and Aunt New will also cater to your needs. Nikorn himself recommends Pad Thai, sauté rice noodles with shrimp, egg, bean curd, peanuts and bean sprouts or perhaps the Chicken Satay, grilled chicken on a skewer with a peanut dressing. All this stuff comes at a price of course, but Nikorn assures his prices will compare favorably with anywhere else "I looked at the prices in other Thai restaurants in Passaic and Bergen County and set mine a little less." With starters averaging between $5 to $7 and the noodle, curry and entrée selections all priced at $8 a good size meal for two should cost little more than $25. While the business is mostly take out, there is a small area to sit and eat in the restaurant.