Applications for bear hunt permits due before hunt okayed

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    Even though the 2005 Black Bear Hunt isn’t officially scheduled, hunters that want a permit must apply for one soon. The hunt can’t take place unless a comprehensive policy is approved. But since the time frame between the expected approval and the hunt is so short, the Division of Fish and Wildlife is only taking applications via internet. To get a permit, hunters must attend or have attended a bear hunting seminar. Applicants attending a seminar this year will receive their permits at the conclusion of each seminar if the comprehensive policy is approved prior to the seminar date. Permits will be mailed to applicants if they complete a seminar prior to the Commissioner’s decision and the policy is subsequently approved. Applications and seminar registrations are available through the Fish and Wildlife Division’s home page: Free Internet access is available at any public library and many other locations for those who would like to apply for a bear permit but do not have personal internet access. A friend or family member may also submit an application for someone else if they have the person’s authorization and correct identifying information (including hunting license number, SS#, etc.). Applicants experiencing problems with the web application process should call the permit hotline at 609-292-9192.