BOE picks Touw, snubs Highlands Task Force

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    WEST MILFORD - West Milford School Board members selected fellow member Midge Touw to serve as board president for the seventh year. Barbara Harlin was reelected vice president on Tuesday April 27, at the first school board meeting after the election last week. A key issue that was discussed at the meeting was whether or not the board should take part in the Highlands Task Force. The board decided not to take part in the Highlands Task Force at this time. Board President Touw said, "I feel very strongly that the Highlands Task Force is a controversial partisan issue and it should not involve School Boards." When asked about being re-elected to the school board Touw replied," I thank the board for their confidence in me again and for voting me School Board President. This is my 7th year and I look forward to serving with my fellow Board members in a dignified and professional manner."