Chinese restaurant in Oak Ridge closes

Oak Ridge. The West Milford Township Council recently approved a liquor license transfer to a new business for the same location.

| 21 Nov 2022 | 04:38

The Township of West Milford recently adopted a resolution authorizing a person-to-person transfer of the plenary retail consumption license held at the premises from Sunwoo Trade LLC to Paradise Pub & Bar LLC for the same Route 23 location.

The change in ownership of the liquor license was effective Nov. 2 following a unanimous vote of the Township of West Milford Council.. A condition of the license is that the second floor occupancy load must be strictly adhered to.

The building was built in 1930 and has had a few owners who featured various cuisine menus that varied from Italian to Chinese. It has usually been a popular dining spot.

Information on the Internet lists the current tax assessor’s market value of $711,800. The sale price in 2016 was $990,000. In 2022, the land value was $159,800, according to internet information.