The Greenwood Lake Experience at Greenwood Lake Marina celebrates new 50-foot double decker pontoon boat

HEWITT, N.J. Private charter cruises catered and customized for each group.

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| 05 Aug 2019 | 02:54

The Greenwood Lake Experience, based at the Greenwood Lake Marina, promises unique, exciting, and new experiences on the lake.

On Wednesday, July 24, members of the Warwick and Greenwood Lake Chambers of Commerce joined owners Rebecca Dykstra and Charlotte Hillier to celebrate their new 50-foot double decker pontoon boat yacht with a ribbon cutting.

Dykstra's parents have owned Greenwood Lake Marina, 538 Lakeside Road in Hewitt, N.J., since she was eight years old and she now has her Captain's License.

Hillier is from Bristol in the United Kingdom and has grown up around water sports and adventuring around the world for different water sport experiences.

"We want to provide people with unique, exciting, and new experiences on Greenwood Lake," said Dykstra. "We want to show people fun ways to be out on the lake which are completely catered and customized for each group."

She explained that The Greenwood Lake Experience would take care of the planning and captaining and that patrons will not have to worry about a thing, just enjoying themselves and their surroundings.

"We offer private charter cruises on our 50 foot double decker pontoon boat yacht equipped with two slides and a diving board," said Dykstra. "We also offer a jungle float, which is a jungle gym on the water, equipped with two trampolines, a launch, a slide, a rope swing, a diving board, and a cliff jump.

"And we have a tiki boat that takes people around the lake to different restaurants or cruises around the lake to their liking," she added. "We have the world's first powered boogie boards, Kymera Boards, that are much safer than a Jet Ski and you don't need a boating license to use one."

The Greenwood Lake Experience also provides 75-minute cruises leaving the Castle Cove on the tour boat and sharing some of the history and beauty of the lake.

"Also keep an eye out on the calendar on our Website for weekly themed cruises, such as our dessert cruise," added Hillier. "And the fun doesn't stop after the day is over. We also have a house boat so if you just can't get enough of the lake, you can stay the night."

- Roger Gavan

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