Cold fails to chill enthusiasm of pet owners

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    WEST MILFORD-More than 200 people and 100 dogs attended the annual West Milford Animal Shelter Walkathon at Wawayanda State Park here, Oct. 17. Even though sunny and beautiful with the fall foliage in full bloom the brisk weather presented a challenge for dogs and walkers who became cold. Joan Bremy, shelter president said, " It's growing every year depending on the weather. It is gorgeous today, the leaves are spectacular and, this year, the weather is great except it's a little cold. We've had a great turnout. One thing that helped was that the West Milford Public Schools allowed us to hand out flyers to the kids. What's nice is the money we make today, in the past it's been over $11,000. It goes right back to caring directly for the animals. What's also nice is we are seeing a lot of dogs that were adopted at our shelter over the years." Dogs aren't the only ones who benefit from being adopted. Ed Flores of West Milford adopted two Jack Russell terriers from the shelter: "First we adopted Jack four years ago and then we saw Annie last spring and we had to have her. Annie now rules the house. We get so much joy from our adopted dogs. We come every year to support the shelter. This year Annie is walking and her paw is a little cold. She walks and runs on three legs when it hurts her. The shelter's work is very important. They help dogs like Annie." Tina and Kelsy Buller attended the walkathon for the second time with their dog Ebony, "Our dog came from a shelter, we love her so much, and it is important to raise money for the shelter, and it's also nice to meet and see other people in your community. We're from florida and we're not used to this cold weather in October" Back for a second year as judges in the pet competition were John Silliman, general manager of WGHT-AM, and coworker Valerie Reilly. "We were the hosts last year with TV and Broadway star Tom Wopat of West Milford. Some of this year's contests included, Largest Dog, Best kisser, Best Trick and Best Costume.Some of the winners included Sirus of West Milford who won Largest dog category for the second year in a row, a dog named," The Peabody was a two-time winner first place for Best Kisser and third place for best trick. Best costume went to three couples first place went to two Rotweilers from West Milford named Elsa and Spanky who were dressed up as a cowgirl and cowboy. Annie the Jack Russell with the sore paw, well she and her partner Jack took second in best dressed. Annie and Jack were fairies. So was the day a success? "Glory Bracken fundraising and advertising director for the shelter said, " Not counting the mailed in donations, we raised $10, 800. You bet it was a success." Anything different for next year? " We're thinking of having hot food and maybe moving up the date so it won't be so cold."