Council hires new attorney

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    WEST MILFORD-Last Thursday, the town council chose Fred Semrau to act as West Milford Township attorney. He replaces William DeMarco, who resigned two weeks ago after Councilman Bob Nolan filed assault charges against him. DeMarco served as township attorney for the past 17 months, much of which was marked by controversy. Democrats on the council objected to DeMarco because of his association with the Passaic County Republican organization, and his lack of municipal experience. In addition, DeMarco had billed the town for services relating to defending a lawsuit and several members of the council were angry at both the cost and the handling of the suit. Semrau is from the firm of Dorsey & Semrau in Boonton. He is the attorney for Boonton and Hanover and does various kinds of work for a number of other municipalities. Semrau will join seven other attorney employed by the township. His duties will include advising the council during public meetings. He will provide up to 10 hours a week of services for $5,000 a month. If he is needed more than 10 hours, he will charge an additional hourly rate. DeMarco was receiving $10,000 per month.