Council plans to sell redevelopment zone land

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    West Milford-The town will sell approximately 412 acres of land to the state. The land, known as the "redevelopment zone," is located near the intersection of Echo Lake and Macopin Roads. It is the same parcel of land once proposed for a golf course. A public hearing will be held on Aug. 4 at the regular council meeting. Mayor Joseph Di Donato made the announcement at the council meeting of July 7. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will pay the township $4,250 per acre, according to the proposed ordinance. The deal will put approximately $1.3 million into the town's coffers, or 75 percent of the selling price. The other 25 percent, or $437,750 will go to the township's partner, Leonard Miller, for his interest in the property. The land is comprised mainly of wetlands and steep slopes. Subject to the sale, the DEP will agree to lease 80 acres of Jungle Habitat property to the township. The lease is in the amount of $1 per year for a period of 20 years. The township will use the property for passive and active recreation. Renewal of the Browns Point lease is also a condition of the sale stipulated in the ordinance draft. The town's ability to request improvements on Browns Point, is another factor. All improvements will be subject to DEP approval. The hearing for the ordinance to adopt the Township Administrative Code also will take place on Aug. 4. Scheduled to take place on July 7, officials put the hearing on hold without explanation. In other action, Robert Nolan of Winding Way, asked officials to disclose the amount of state aid awarded to West Milford. He also asked the council to report on the progress of hiring a township administrator. He requested both subjects be addressed at the next council meeting. Nolan is one of the two democrats seeking a council seat in November.