Cyber-Safety Tips

| 26 Sep 2012 | 12:12

Below are some of the most often cited “cyber fears” of students in grades 6-12. Detective Sergeant David Crouthamel of Kinnelon, NJ. borough took a look at the results of what several classes of area students said were their biggest “cyber-fears,” and proposed these answers to the five 5 most repeated questions.

What are the best ways to prevent/combat cyber bullying?

The best way to combat or prevent cyber bullying is to take a proactive approach. When one starts bullying, they look for others to join in. Don’t get involved and if you’re the target, don’t respond because that’s what they want. Bring it to the attention of an adult and or school personnel.

How can you avoid someone impersonating you online/social media sites?

Impersonation is hard to combat. You have to limit who has access to your accounts such as Facebook and such. Don’t leave the security setting for all to see.

What is the best way to steer clear of adults (“creeps”) trying to take advantage of kids on the internet?

Steer clear of the creeps – stay out of the chat rooms. There is no way to know who you are talking to. NEVER give out ANY personal information, age, sex, town or state you live in. Stay out of the chat rooms! The creeps look for someone that is lonely. They connect with the child and make themselves seem like a kid of similar age with similar hobbies. They try to gain the child’s trust and information over a period of time. Stay Out!

Can the past really come back to haunt you? Will future potential bosses, etc. really look back at internet activity to see what kind of person you are?

Once something is on the internet, it NEVER gets erased! It’s out in cyber limbo forever! Never put anything on the internet or sites that you wouldn’t want your family or employer to see.

What should teens do if they are being bullied online on grounds of their sexuality?

If you are being bullied for your sexuality, do not entertain the bully! Bring this to the attention of a parent or school administrator. If needed, the police can get involved.