Dam repairs levy passed by council

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    WEST MILFORD-Renovations to Pinecliff Lake's dam that were completed this summer are going to cost the lake's property owners an average of $3,100 each, according to a resolution passed at the Nov. 10 meeting of the town council. Owners' payments will be handled in the form of tax assessments for a 20 year period according to the unanimously passed resolution. Councilman Paul Bailey is concerned about the number of malfunctioning street lights throughout the town. Bailey stated: "By my own account I have counted over 50 street lamps which are not working properly. The power companies charge per street lamp whether the light's on or not." Bailey encourages citizens to call the Department of Public Works 973-728-2850 to report any lights which are not working. Bailey also said: "One of my other pet peeves is the dead tree issue." He cited a recent wind storm in which a large tree fell across Macopin Road. William Gervens, council president, acknowledged that during the last seniors advisory meeting, the seniors were upset about the lack of transportation and the cuts in transportation for seniors. As a result, through the efforts of the Parks and Recreation Committee, a transportation advisory committee has been formed. Gervens said new full time drivers were employed and current drivers have worked through lunch breaks to supply the much needed services. Gervens also is calling for a water surcharge in the Newark Watershed. He intends to follow the lead of North Jersey District Water which is levying an assessment on water to raise money to assist Green Acres in Green Acres land purchases.