Director of education is sole candidate for superintendent

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    WEST MILFORD-Although nothing is official, it's probably safe to assume Glenn Kamp, West Milford's current director of education will replace Superintendent Robert Gilmartin when he retires June 30. School Board President Midge Touw said she hoped they would be able to make an announcement and move forward with the transition by the end of this month. Originally, the local board hired the New Jersey State Board of Education Association to handle the search. The state board provides this service for $5000. All specifics about the search were kept confidential, but on Tuesday, March 1, Business Administrator Steven Cea said that there had been 30 requests for applications; 16 had been returned; the board chose five to interview; three candidates had actually scheduled interviews. Residents were invited to a public forum in which they were to meet the final two candidates and have an opportunity to interact with them. The forum was originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, but was postponed until Wednesday March 16 because of inclement weather. At some point between the original announcement and the forum on Wednesday, the board decided to narrow the field of candidates down to one. Kamp is certainly no stranger to the district --he has been in the West Milford school system for 33 years. "I came to Maple Hill as a student teacher and I never left," he said. He spent eight years as an English teacher in the middle school, nine years as the vice principal in high school and 10 years as the principal of Westbrook Elementary. For the past six years, he has been with the board office where he serves as the director of education.