Do you believe in magic?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    WAYNE — As a child growing up in Wayne, Michael Turco fell in love with the mystery of magic. Spending his summers just miles from the strip in Atlantic City, Michael saw every magic show in the area and was intent on mastering each trick and illusion on his own. Now, at 23, Michael works a crowd with the panache of a seasoned veteran. He's not only mastered the tricks from his childhood but has whipped up some of his own that are stirring up a serious buzz. Fans describe Turco as a natural born talent. With over 100 tricks in his repertoire, Turco's act is a combination of illusion, slight-of-hand and "walk-around-magic" where he gives audience members a closer look at what he is doing. Michael graduated from New Jersey's Wayne Valley High School in 2000 where, at a benefit performance, Turco unveiled his take on a Harry Houdini trick called "The Metamorphosis" which people still talk about. Without giving too much away, Michael's assistant is bound in shackles, trapped in a bag and placed in a well-locked box which Michael mounts. In the bat of an eyelash, the assistant is free on top of the box, and Turco has vanished. This summer, Michael Turco takes his show on the road to the YMHA in Wayne on Thursday, July 14 and The Dante Theater in Atlantic City on Saturday, July 30. With an urban, hip-hop edge, professional dancers, live music and, of course, magic, people are calling Turco's show "hot." Turco resides in his hometown of Wayne.