Ex-Superfund site to get another cleaning

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    RINGWOOD — Both state and federal officials have promised to clean up paint sludge and industrial waste from a former Ford dumpsite in Ringwood Borough. A spokeswoman for acting Gov. Richard J. Codey said the state will clean up sludge from yards and driveways in Ringwood Borough. New Jersey’s Department of Health will also send a mobile health unit to the area to test residents for possible health problems, and the state plans to sue Ford for the damage caused by the dumping. The automaker dumped paint sludge and industrial waste in Ringwood Borough from 1967 until 1971. The federal Environmental Protection Agency listed the area as a Superfund site in 1983. After Ford removed tons of toxic sludge, the EPA removed the site from the list in 1994 but since then, more and more waste has been found in the area. Alan J. Steinberg, regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, promised the site would be thoroughly cleaned. He also said the EPA is considering putting the Ringwood site back on the Superfund list. ``EPA may have misstepped in the past at this site, but we have always had the best interest of the Ringwood community at heart,’’ Steinberg said.