GOP voters outnumber Dems in primary

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    WEST MILFORD-Although overall turnout was light, more than twice as many West Milford Republicans voted for their choice of town council candidates than did local Democrats. In November two town council seats will be up for grabs. Incumbent Republican Carmen Scangarello will run alongside fellow party member Phil Weisbecker. They will face off against Democrats Paul Marino and Andy Gargano. The six member council currently has only two Democrats, but the balance of power could shift if Marino and Gargano win. In addition to Scangarello's seat, Republican Paul Bailey's term is also up. Bailey chose not to run for council and instead, made an unsuccessful bid at running for County Freeholder. In fact, Bailey placed last. Victor Rabbat, an attorney from Wayne, and Clifton Councilman Frank Gaccione (both from the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization) won the primary in that race and will go up aginst uncontested Democrats Elease Evans and Bruce James. In West Milford, 25 Republicans and three Democrats voted for write-in candidate Ada Erik. Erik also got a vote for County Freeholder.