Growing garden club going great guns

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    At a recent Garden Club of New Jersey District 1 meeting, Marie Abberley, director, presented Pamela Kern, president of Ringwood Garden Club with an award from the National Garden Club for increase in membership. A second award came from the Garden Club of New Jersey: a Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal for Excellent Yearbook. At their Volunteer Luncheon, the New Jersey Botanical Garden honored nine Ringwood Garden Club members with special certificates for volunteers who contributing more than 100 hours." They are Miko No Chung, Wally Crolle, Frank Dyer, Bonnie Joachim, Deb Manfredonio, Joan Scott Miller, Terry Valenta, Sonja Vieth, and Barbara Wood. Barbara Sanford, chairperson, presented a horticultural therapy program at Lakeland Health Care Center. Club members helped residents create spring window boxes filled with flowers, which were later displayed in the courtyard for the enjoyment of all the residents. At a recent meeting, Robin Rose Bennett led an herbal weed walk at Skylands for club members. She pointed out various common plants (generally known as weeds) that had medicinal value, as well as plants that could be picked, washed and eaten in a salad. She shared a number of healing stories with members. Janice Ramsay, vice president, introduced three new members at the meeting: Jean Burkhardt of West Milford, Evelyn Van Dugteren of Wanaque and Valerie Eskholme of Ringwood.