Hanging with the pope

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    The eighth grade class at St. Joseph's School has been busy studying the new pope, Benedict XVI, under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Lynne Dickinson. They are pictured here in front of a cooperative learning project. They researched the pope's life utilizing the internet, compiled information on a timeline, and worked on research reports. Don't think that they stopped there! They also made power point presentations and a video project for the principal, Mrs. Christine Benson, to view. The students also designed the bulletin board in the hallway so that other students may also learn about the new pope. One particularly artistic student, Travis Pizzulo, drew a picture of Benedict XVI, which is the focal point of the bulletin board. He is shown pictured by his portrait of the pope and with his principal, Mrs. Christine Benson.