Illegal dumping fines raised; new law for sex offenders

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    WEST MILFORD — If you decide to toss that old couch in the woods or dump your construction debris along an empty stretch of road, be forewarned that it might be quite expensive — $17,500 if it sits there for three days. That’s because the West Milford Township Council passed an ordinance that will allow the maximum fines permitted by the state. The first offense would be $2,500, the second $5,000 and the third $10,000. But if the same pile of refuse sits for a second or third day, those days may be considered the decond and third offenses. In addition, the offender could also be forced to pay restitution. The council passed the new ordinance last Thursday. Another new law the council passed that evening prohibits convicted sex offenders from living within 2500 feet of a school, park, playground or daycare center. A number of other New Jersey communities have passed similar laws in the past six months. This law, however, only applies to convicted sex offenders who move after November 2, 2005. In other business: The West Milford Beautification and Recycling Committee announced the House and Garden Beautiful Winners for 2005. Committee members Patty Lotz Moore, Jeff Simmerz, Wendy Webb and Bill Shug presented awards to the Pellitteri Family from Gleason Road and the Rambone Family from Millington Road. The committee also recognized some honorable mentions: 450 Morestown Road; Collins Pond on Macopin Road and 16 Quigley Road. The winners are selected from a list of nominated homes.