It's ATV season...and the cops are watching

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    WEST MILFORD-In West Milford, the police enforce ATV Laws. During the spring and summer people look for exciting ways to enjoy the outdoors. All-terrain vehicles, also known as ATVs or "quads", provide a thrill for those who are adventure-oriented. But riders should be careful, because what seems like good clean fun may also be against the law. There is no designated spot to ride ATV's in West Milford. "The only place where a person can ride an ATV is on private property and only if you have written permission from the owner of the private property which you must carry on your person at all times when riding an ATV. If the police have a complaint or a problem they need to investigate, we need to verify that permission was given," says Lt. Chiosie of the West Milford Police Department. And as far catching violators goes, Chiosie added, "In state parks, state rangers go after them, and in other places - such as private property or township property - the police will enforce the law." "There is a safety issue involved so we do our best to enforce the law by catching people when they are taking ATVs off their trucks before they ride, or when putting vehicles on their trucks when they are finished. We don't want to see young people injured but we do want to enforce the law." "There are age restrictions for riding ATVs, they must be insured, and helmets must be worn. And if they are used any place other than private property, they must be registered with Motor Vehicles." To find out more information about riding ATVs, call the West Milford Police department's non-emergency number at 973-728-2802.