It's such a soap opera in town

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    WEST MILFORD-Did you hear? Crazy Margaret is obsessed with Todd. First she kidnapped him and held him hostage, then she got impregnated by him. Now she's got him in the lake right off Brown's Point. What is going to happen next? The producers of the ABC long-running daytime soap One Life to Live are keeping mum about it. They, along with the cast and crew of the popular show, were in town this week using West Milford as a backdrop to the story line. They used several locations, including Brown's Point, the South Shore Marina, one of the dams and a creek. "I'm only going to say that this is the culmination of a story that started a while ago. It involves a boat, and actors in the water," said Rick Figalora, vice president of production. Fans will have to wait until mid-September when the episodes will air to find out anything else. The filming was done mostly at night and involved the characters Margaret, played by Tari Signor, and Todd, played by Trevor St. John. The Messenger caught up with Signor at Brown's Point on Monday afternoon. Relaxed and down to earth, the actress is relatively new to the show, having joined the cast last year. She has done a few commercials, but the bulk of her work has been in the theater. "TV is a totally different challenge," she said. Coming to West Milford this week is the first time Signor has had to go on location with the soap. "This is a beautiful area," she said Signor seems to relish her role as the "crazy" Margaret, although she laughed about the fact that her character is expecting. "Margaret got pregnant right after I had a baby in March, so it seems like I have been pregnant forever."