Kids collect over four grand for Tsumani victims

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    The students of both Marshall Hill and Paradise Knolls Elementary Schools got together and planned a project to raise money for the children victimized by the Tsumani. Calling the project "Make Change for Tsumani Kids," they placed change jars in the classrooms and in the cafeterias to collect spare coins. The 434 students at Marshall Hill donated $2,300.00 and the 356 students at Paradise Knolls raised $2,126.50. That's a total of $4,426.50. School Superintendent Robert Gil Martin, Marshall Hill Principal Maureen Bernstock, Paradise Knoll Principal Sue Montgomery and student council representatives of both schools presented their donations to Arthur Bulacan, of Unicef. Bulacan was impressed by their efforts and promised to send a recently-made video of the relief efforts in Asia. Betty Sacco of Lakeland Bank helped the students count all the coins. Even using a coin counting machine, the effort took over two hours.