Law and Order

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    6/10/05-Burglary/Theft n Postbrook Road Unknown actors stole plastic bottle containing $1,000 in change, various coins. P.O. Stephen Braikovich 6/22/05 n Theft n Greenwood Lake Turnpike (Q&S Deli) Unknown actor removed cell phone from inside victim's company van parked in front of deli. P.O. Robert Tomaschek 6/21/05 n DWI n Greenwood Lake Turnpike Donna Morea, West Milford, Age 48 Southbound on Greenwood Lake Turnpike officer approached Lincoln Ave. Officer observed the above driver make a wide right turn onto Lincoln Ave and as it did it entered three quarters of the opposing northbound lane. Vehicle was observed crossing over the center line and onto the shoulder. Driver was subsequently arrested for DWI. Chief James Dykstra 6/21/05 n Criminal Mischief n Otterhole Road Vehicle parked in driveway at above location. Driver side rear view mirror was ripped off. No other damage was found. P.O. Carol Stelmach 62105 - Possession of CDS/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia n Otterhole Road Adam Riker, Stockholm, Age 21 While on patrol officer observed 2 vehicles in the above location (parking lot to deli) after closing. Driver of one vehicle was attempting to hide something under a seat. Officer observed CDS. Driver arrested for same. P.O. Thomas Celano 6/20/05 n Criminal Mischief n Otterhole Road Officer responded to location on report of criminal mischief to a vehicle. Between June 19 1900 hours and June 20 0700 hours unknown actors used what appeared to be a BB or pellet gun to shoot out the right window on vehicle parked at above location. P.O. James McDaniel 6/26/05 n Burglary n Upper Greenwood Road Officers responded to the above location on a report of a possible burglary in progress. Individuals (three juveniles) were fleeing the house when a neighbor held them. They fled the neighbor and were then held by Upper Greenwood Lake Security, which arrived by boat. All three juveniles were transported back to the scene where the person reporting the burglary positively identified them. Entry was gained through a vent window at the rear of the house, pried open; patio furniture was used to gain entry into the residence. P.O. Greg Post, Jr. 6/26/05 n Theft n Pinecliff Lake Drive Unknown actors stole 15' aluminum row boat from dock located at the above location between 1030 hours June 23 and 1500 hours June 26. P.O. Donald O'Keefe 6/25/05 n Burglary n Ramsey Road Side basement window was broken. Unknown actors went in basement and stole a six-pack of beer and two bottles of wine. P.O. Greg Post, Jr. 6/24/05 n Attempted Burglary n New Bedford Rd Unknown actors attempted to enter through a rear window first floor window. P.O. Charles McQuaid 6/24/05 n Theft n Landing Road Unknown actor removed Mountain bike from rear yard of residence. P.O. Thomas Celano 6/24/05 n Burglary/Theft n New Bedford Road Unknown actor entered through a first floor window. Theft of three bottles of alcohol and $5800 in cash. P.O. Charles McQuaid 6/24/05 n Criminal Mischief n Paterson Road Vehicle parked at above location. Front windshield broken from an object thrown at it. P.O. Gregory Post, JR.