A proposed ice retardant system ordinance will be addressed in West Milford

West Milford. One of the first actions facing the new township council after the reorganization meeting will be to decide whether to pass an ordinance providing for ice retardant systems for larger lakes while responding to representatives of the smaller lake communities who do not want such an ordinance affecting them.

| 29 Dec 2020 | 02:17

Last month members of the Township of West Milford Council found an email in their information packets from the Lakes Committee expressing concerns that small private lakes would come under the same controls as the larger lakes if an ordinance with regulations for ice retardant systems is approved and put into law.

The Lakes Committee asked that any changes or regulations for Greenwood Lake not apply to the smaller lakes.

During council discussion on Dec. 2, Councilman Warren Gross suggested that those at each individual lake determine what is best for the situation at their lake.

In November, Administrator William Senande forwarded the existing Lake Hopatcong ice retardant system ordinance to the Lakes Committee for its review.

During the council discussion, Councilwoman Marilyn Lichtenberg, the council representative to the Lakes Committee, reported to the council that during a lengthy committee discussion it was brought out that the individual lake communities each have their own set of rules and regulations that differ.

During October council discussion, outgoing Councilwoman Patricia Gerst brought forth some questions. She said she was not sure who collected money involved, who the enforcement source would be and if the ordinance could cause future zoning issues.

Andie Pegel, also leaving the council, said more information and time for review were needed.

Township Attorney Fred Semrau said the Greenwood Lake Commission is trying to protect docks and make sure that ice does not corrupt the shore line.

Paul Zarrillo, New Jersey chair for the Greenwood Lake Commission, said the commission sees the need for regulation. He said the ordinance would be regulated and enforced by the township.

Councilwoman Ada Erik suggested that an ice retardant system ordinance that affects only Greenwood Lake be adopted with the provision that any other lake community that wants to have controls in the ordinance apply there merely add the name of their lake to the document.

Senande, the administrator, said this is what the Greenwood Lake Commission members wanted. He asked the council members if they want to move forward in adopting this legislation, which would be in line with that recommendation.

The council gave consensus to place the ordinance on the action agenda for 2021.