Antique light fixtures donated to Wallisch Homestead

WEST MILFORD. Retired antique lighting specialist Robert Anderson gave an 1820s whale oil lamp, a lard-burning lamp from the 1830s and a fluid-burning lamp of the 1840-50s among others.

| 15 Jul 2023 | 01:47

The Friends of the Wallisch Homestead (FOWH) have acquired about a dozen antique light fixtures as a gift from FOWH member and retired antique lighting specialist Robert Anderson of Pinecliff Lake.

Among the lights are ceiling and table lamps and even a kerosene floor lamp.

The Wallisch Homestead was a farm for more than 100 years, and that was a big factor in Anderson’s decision.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for me to find a home for some unusual pieces and to help restore these historic structures to an appropriate appearance,” he said.

The homestead dates to the early 19th century.

The donation includes an 1820s whale oil lamp, a lard-burning lamp from the 1830s and a fluid-burning lamp of the 1840-50s.

Along with a kerosene (oil) floor lamp, there are several 1880s brass oil-burning lamps.

Anderson also provided two solid brass flush-mount ceiling fixtures from about 1910-20.

“These were of good quality when made but simple in style, consistent with the 1912 renovation of the Homestead building,” he explained.

“The Creamery building has 10-foot ceilings and as far as we know was used for the creamery operation and as housing for workers. Currently there are modern fixtures in the foyer and the large central room.

“I had three simple brass pendant lights and three hand-formed but plain glass shades. While they are primarily utilitarian, there is just a bit of decoration. It makes them fitting for the large area that was a combination workplace and home.”

In addition, he said, “I had a perfect piece for the foyer area. Again, it is from 1910-20s and it is all original painted finish with its original glass shade.”

FOWH is planning a “Dog Days of Summer” exhibit that will take the viewer back to a typical summer day on Belcher’s Creek during the 1950s.

During July and August, the two side rooms will light up at dusk and the sounds of the ‘50s will play softly.