Apshawa student helps keep community clean

| 24 Jan 2019 | 11:44

WEST MILFORD - Jack Lizza, a 5th grade student from Apshawa Elementary School, is tackling litter for his Learning Unlimited cultivating change project.
He led a group of volunteers to clean up litter in his community.
The group spent the afternoon, of Saturday, Jan. 12, cleaning up the litter from the High Crest Lake Hill, off of Route 23 North as well as the property of the High Crest Lake Lodge.
They cleaned up a total of seven large garbage bags from the hill and two more from the Lodge Property.
"I really wish people would consider keeping a garbage bag inside of their cars that they good just throw away when thy get home." said Lizza. "This project has helped me learn how important it is to keep our community clean."
Jack urges everyone to make an effort in their own community and said together we can keep West Milford clean, every small act is a step towards a bigger change.