Big hearts, lots of hair

| 25 Sep 2012 | 02:44

Amanda and Carolyn Page certainly have big hearts. They saw how difficult it was when their grandma lost her hair as a result of her struggle with cancer as well as their aunt during a similar journey. Knowing that children go through this too, they decided to do what they could to help. So, Amanda, 13, a student at Macopin Middle School, and her younger sister Carolyn, 10, who attends Apshawa Elementary School, decided to donate their beautiful long hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada who suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons. They visited with a family friend recently, who is also their hairdresser, who did the honors. Amanda donated her 12-inch ponytail while Carolyn sheered off 11 inches. Both walked away with sassy, stylish new dos - and the wonderful feeling that they will make someone feel a little better during a very difficult time in their lives.