Come to the Apshawa TREP$ Marketplace

| 16 Apr 2012 | 03:53

    WEST MILFORD — Apshawa Elementary School is hosting its TREP$ Marketplace on Wednesday, April 18, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the school.

    The Marketplace comes at the end of the six-week program, which began with an enthusiastic kick-off speaker. The fifth and sixth graders who enrolled in the six after-school workshops received instruction and were guided through various creative exercises in order to understand the skills of entrepreneurship and team dynamics. They researched and developed their products and services. Now the children have the opportunity to sell their wares to the public during the Marketplace.

    TREP$, the entrepreneurship education program for youth, was created by Pamela deWaal and Hayley Romano, two certified teachers who reside in West Milford. It began when their then 10-year-old sons decided to go into business together selling hand-stamped wrapping paper at an adult vendor night at the school. The boys "sold out" of product and learned some great lessons. The kids were very proud of their success and shared the story with their peers.

    Experiencing life as a small business owner is an empowering, self esteem-builder for children. Their mothers, Romano and deWaal, saw a unique opportunity to create a program where all children could achieve success and improve self-esteem. The program was carefully crafted to support the standards of education our schools are currently using.

    The Marketplace is free and open to the public. The entire community is invited to come and see what the children have produced.

    In case of inclement weather, the Marketplace will be held on Thursday, April 19.