Construction of pump track in full swing

| 02 Aug 2012 | 10:05

WEST MILFORD — The much anticipated West Milford pump track is gathering steam. And, according to Bob Nicholson, chairman of the Economic Development Committee (EDC), there should be a grand opening sometime next month.

The EDC partnered with Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) and Town Cycle of West Milford and presented the idea of a pump track to the township council last year. JORBA members said they would do the work on a volunteer basis and the track would not cost the township anything. The township agreed and one of the practice soccer fields at Farrell Field behind the recycle center was chosen as the new pump track site.

What is a pump track? It is a series of rollers and berms built in a loop that allows riders to pump their way through without pedaling. The pump track is formed out of dirt. Originally, pump tracks were designed by riders as a way to build bike skills and techniques.

Earlier this year, JORBA obtained a soil conservation permit for the Hudson, Essex Passaic Soil Conservation District. Work began to prepare the site, including installing 500 feet of silt fence and removing the topsoil and turf at the field. All of that was done with donated labor and materials.

The project received a donation of dirt from the Police Athletic League, that after a donation made by the school district was brought into question regarding contamination. Nicholson said he doesn't believe that dirt was contaminated but the township and JORBA didn't want to take any chances. They declined that donation and instead accepted the dirt from PAL.

The dirt piles have been kept at PAL since constructing their building 13 years ago. Truckloads of it arrived at the Farrell Field site three weeks ago. Volunteers are there on the weekends leveling it, spreading it, and shaping the track.

"It will be really nice," said Nicholson, noting this will be the only pump track in northern New Jersey. "All of the red tape is done and we are working to the best of our ability to get this done."

Weather permitting, he hopes it will be finished in four to six weeks.

JORBA built and maintains a pump track in Milford. The group will maintain West Milford's track as well.

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