Council tackles several topics, from road work to swimming pools

WEST MILFORD. The West Milford Town Council held its latest meeting on August 15.

| 17 Aug 2022 | 12:27

A contract approved by the Township of West Milford Council authorizes Riverview Paving Inc. of Hackettstown to do work on section four of Clinton Road at a cost of $464,596.08. There were five bidders. The council also approved a contract for American Asphalt and Trucking LLC of Newark for the resurfacing of Lake Shore Drive between Warwick Turnpike and Longhouse Drive in the amount of $520,964. There were eight bidders for the job.

Swimming pools

An ordinance was adopted to clarify fence requirements for above- and below-ground swimming pools. It requires that they be surrounded by a suitable fence, have a self-latching gate at least four feet high but not higher than six feet, and a latched ladder for private above-ground residential swimming pools. All swimming pools must meet appropriate design standards set by the National Swimming Pool Institute, along with the requirements of the Uniform Construction Code.


The Length of Service Awards program (LOSAP), which is a government-run program established to provide tax-deferred income benefits to active volunteer members of an emergency service organization, now provides for annual township contributions to each eligible member meeting criteria that includes 100 points for eligibility for an annual contribution. Five years of service is required. The annual contribution by the township does not exceed $800 per eligible member. An emergency service organization generally includes all forms of volunteer fire and first aid organizations.

Special police

An ordinance amendment regarding the township’s special police force now stipulates that all call outs for special police officers (a part time employee called to duty as needed) are payable for time worked with a minimum of three hours pay, including mandatory training.

Leasing equipment

The lease of three 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD trucks and plows from Enterprise Fleet Management in Wayne was approved for $43,131.81. The council also leased one 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD truck with a plow from Enterprise Fleet Management for $18,745.44.

Lower speed limits

Safety concerns have township officials looking at creating lower speed laws along major roads. Union Valley Road, Macopin Road and Greenwood Lake Turnpike are corridors for heavy out-of-town traffic, producing often dangerous high-speed traffic congestion along the winding roads. The Engineering Department has made an extensive study and presented suggestions for council action to reduce speed limits along Macopin Road. These have been taking under advisement by council members who added their own suggestions to those presented.