Dietician bringing fun to nutrition

| 10 Jan 2019 | 12:34

WEST MILFORD – Megan Scutti, a registered dietician with ShopRite, wants to make proper diet and nutrition fun for local residents.
“I hope people take away something, some small goal, or a clarification about eating healthy,” she said.
Scutti, 25, initially wanted to go to culinary school and also wanted to be able to teach, making her current position as a registered dietician the best fit for her goals.
“I combined the two things I love, food, and helping people,” Scutti said, standing in her “Dietician’s Nook” at the ShopRite on Marshall Hill Road Wednesday evening. “Showing them how to change up recipes and things like that inspired me to go for the dietician route.”
Scutti said she believes in “fun and functional” foods and that the biggest misconception people may have about working with a dietician is that they will have to give up “bad foods.”
“There are no ‘bad foods,’” Scutti said. “Just bad portion sizes. I want you to enjoy your cookies and cakes, but in moderation.”
There are other components as well, she said, including getting enough fruits and vegetables, exercising, and drinking water to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Scutti has been working in the store for just over a year and provides free services for the community and patrons of the store including one-on-one nutrition counseling, helping people shop healthier, as well as informational sessions for adults and kids alike.
She also books private parties for children and adults that come with a chef that do cost $20 per person.
Scutti said she is available to speak at various clubs and organizations, and has held sessions in the school district.
Later this month, Scutti is scheduled to hold an educational session at the West Milford Library called “Nutrition Myth Busters.”
That session, including refreshments, is scheduled to take place from 7-8 p.m. Jan. 24 at the library on Union Valley road.
Registration is required for the program at, by calling 973-728-2822, or emailing
Scutti will be back at the library again in February for a session focusing on Valentine’s Day treats.
In the meantime, you can find her in ShopRite, willing to help educate residents and customers on good nutrition.