Every vote counts

Election 2021. Latest unofficial count says voters elected two Democrats and one Republican as Passaic County reps.

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| 24 Nov 2021 | 11:45

When the next election date rolls around, people who have strong feelings about candidates and issues had better get to the polls or do a mail in ballot.

If even just a few people decide on election day that their vote is insignificant and won’t count and decide to stay home, they might change their mind on hearing the latest Passaic County election results. West Milford is one of 16 municipalities in Passaic County.

Republican Nicolino “Nick” Gallo, according to the latest unofficial tally, was elected to one of three open seats for Passaic County Commissioner (the county government position known until this year as freeholder).

Incumbent Democrats John Bartlett and Cassandra “Sandi” Lazzara were re-elected.

Some decades ago the county government continued to be under Republican control for many years.

Then a decade or more ago the Democrats knocked out all the Republicans and all seats have been held by Democrats.

The county, once mostly Republican, now has Democrats outnumbered by almost 2 to 1.

Initial figures, without all votes counted wrongly indicated that the Republicans won all three open county commissioner seats. At one point there were just 11 votes between two of the commission candidates with a Republican in the victory indicated.

The latest figures from the county, although not yet official, put incumbent Democrat Commissioner John Bartlett in second place with 51,515 votes.

At one point just 11 votes separated him and Aileen Rivera (R) for the third available seat. Republicans were ready to celebrate. However, new polling figures say Bartlett was victorious for the second commission seat by more than 900 votes.

Nicolino “Nick” Gallo (R) took the third seat with 51.155 votes. Lazzara received 52,552 votes.

In January when the commissioners have their reorganization meeting incumbents Lazzara (D) and Barrett(D) will begin new three year terms and Gallo (R) will start his first term in office.