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| 06 Jun 2019 | 12:19

Peter Esposito, who lives in Warwick with his wife Hilary and their three sons, is the owner of Mountain Lakes Autowash & Express Lube on Union Valley Road in Hewitt, New Jersey.
Many years ago an employee incorrectly installed a drain plug after an oil change, a not uncommon occurrence throughout the industry, and the customer was on the road when her drain plug fell out.
It was then and there that Esposito realized that there has to be an easier, better and safer way to do oil changes.
It cannot be installed incorrectly
Since the invention of the car, the problematic threaded drain plug has never evolved.
But he decided to come up with a new solution. And with his invention of the threadless, magnetic ECO-PLUG, which cannot be installed incorrectly, it has.
The new plug not only makes oil changes safer and cleaner, it stops oil leaks, hence saving the environment.
Selling at Walmart Super Centers
And the ECO-PLUG is also the only permanent solution to threaded out oil drains, costing less than $20 and saving customers a small fortune to replace an oil pan.
That was good news for car owners and the invention became an overnight success.
"We are currently selling the ECO-PLUG in every Walmart Super Center and on their web site," said Esposito, who recently returned from the company's headquarters in Arkansas. "And they are now planning on using it in all Walmart Oil Change Facilities"
Walmart has more than 2,500 Auto Care Centers nationwide.
The ECO-PLUG is also available at as well as Esposito also is also working on a deal with all Tractor Supply Stores.
The Town of Warwick also keeps the ECO-PLUG on hand for its vehicles.
Looking for sharks
And there's more good news.
Esposito has interviewed for Shark Tank, the popular TV series, which shows aspiring entrepreneurs as they make business presentations to a panel of five investors or "sharks," who then choose whether or not to invest in their companies.
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- Roger Gavan