Free Little Libraries multiplying

WEST MILFORD. The box exchanges have been constructed by members of the Friends of the West Milford Township Library.

| 20 Feb 2023 | 12:00

When some West Milford residents are in need of a good book, they need only take a short walk.

In the past year, several Free Little Libraries have been constructed throughout the township by Roberta and Bill Schmidt, members of the Friends of the West Milford Township Library.

The nonprofit organization, which is separate from the library, supports the library through fundraising efforts, such as book sales, special programs, library collections and services, and an annual membership drive.

The free library boxes function as book exchanges, where residents may take a book and leave a book.

Sue Lynch, president of the Friends of the Wallisch Homestead, saw one of the Free Little Libraries and contacted Roberta Schmidt about getting one on the Wallisch Homestead’s 99-acre historic farm.

The Friends of the library were happy to do so, considering it an example of Friends helping Friends.

There is no work for those interested in acquiring a free library box. The Friends of the Library purchases, builds and installs them and keeps them stocked with books throughout the year.

All of these little library kiosks have plaques that say, “Free library donated by the Friends of the West Milford Township Library. Take a Book - Share a Book.”

If you are interested in having one in your neighborhood, contact the library at 1470 Union Valley Road or go to the Friends’ website at

Free Little Libraries are located at these spots:

• Uptown Deli on Warwick Turnpike in Upper Greenwood Lake.

• Bald Eagle Community Center on Union Valley Road in West Milford.

• West Milford Presbyterian Church on Union Valley Road.

• Queen of Peace Church on Union Valley Road in Hewitt.

• Holy Faith Lutheran Church on Paradise Road in Oak Ridge.

• Highland Family Success Center on Greenwood Lake Turnpike in Hewitt.

• Wallisch Homestead on Lincoln Avenue in West Milford.