Goodsir elected West Milford Council president

| 13 Jan 2022 | 04:13

    by Ann Genader

    A unanimous vote of the local governing board elected Councilman Kevin Goodsir West Milford Council President for this year at their recent reorganization meeting. In the current form of local government, the job of the council president is to conduct meetings if the mayor is absent. Holding this office also authorizes Goodsir to execute all bonds, notes, deeds, and contracts and to handle any other unseen obligations if the mayor is unable to act. Councilwoman Ada Erik held the job for the past year.

    Goodsir and his running mate Warren Gross announced they were running for seats on the township council in the 2019 Republican primary election. Earlier reports said they were the two top vote-getters in a well-attended GOP county committee meeting seeking candidates for two open council seats.

    A lifelong resident, Goodsir owns and lives in the home he grew up in with his parents, Ray and Marilyn Goodsir. Marilyn was very active in political and community activities and often shared her talents as secretary for various groups. Goodsir and his wife Stacy have two sons. He is a building tradesman with local 253. He has dedicated much of his free time volunteering for organizations and causes. His long history of volunteerism includes working with boys’ and girls’ clubs, food pantries and toy drives. He also has a record of service as volunteer coordinator for Local 253.

    In stating his his original goals when first seeking a seat on the township council, he pointed to the potential long under-utilized possibilities that the township has to offer. He said at that time that he was excited to be able to make plans to benefit the township and its residents and represent the voices of township residents and business owners.