Help needed for the clean up of Greenwood Lake

| 16 Feb 2012 | 09:17

WEST MILFORD - The draw down of Greenwood Lake is now complete. According to Greenwood Lake Bi-state Commissioner Eric Hastings, the lake was set to begin refilling on Feb. 15. But there was much work to do before that happened.

Hastings came to the West Milford council earlier this month to ask the township for their help in cleaning out the debris and sediment on the lake floor at Browns Point.

The draw down, which was endorsed by the township, serves several purposes. It allows homeowners on the lake to do maintenance and repair their docks. It also allows for the clean-up of the lake. Just a stroll along the lake during the draw down showed how much garbage sits on the bottom. Another purpose of the draw down is to help stop the weed growth in parts of the lake. Exposing them to the freezing temperatures helps to kill them. However, the mild temperatures this winter may not have helped where that was concerned.

Hastings said the lake depth in the center fluctuated between four and a half and five feet during the draw down. He said the Village of Greenwood Lake in New York helped with the clean up on their side of the lake and he was requesting that West Milford do the same.

Specifically, Hastings said help was needed to remove debris from Browns Point and the mouth of Belchers Creek.

He said the county was also helping.

"But we need West Milford to help," said Hastings. "The window is closing."