Hewitt. Moosehead Marina applies for treatment works approval

| 28 Oct 2021 | 02:30

    The Township of West Milford Council recently passed a resolution giving its necessary consent for a Greenwood Lake marina owner to file a treatment works approval (TWA) application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to alter an existing Individual Subsurface Disposal System (ISSDS) at 254 Lakeside Road to Groundwater.

    The property, owned by Lakeside Glendale LLC Moosehead Marine, is under the jurisdiction of the NJDEP Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

    The aggregate peak daily wastewater design flow for the use on the property has been calculated using a design flow alternate to the criteria in NJAC 7:9A.

    The owner submitted a state required request to West Milford officials for consent to file a TWA with the NJDEP to alter the existing ISSDS on the property.

    The township engineer reviewed the request and determined that the ISSDS is regulated by the NJDEP, confirms with the requirement of all municipal ordinances pertaining to the proposed disposal system, but certain aspects of the soil testing and ISSDS design do not conform to the minimum standards set forth in the Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems.

    Therefore, a permit to alter the existing wastewater treatment and disposal systems must be authorized by the NJDEP through TWA application process. The township resolution gave the necessary council approval for submission of the application.

    - Ann Genader