It's a cupcake revolution

| 20 Sep 2012 | 01:22

— Did you ever think, "I wish there was an easier way to do this"? And have you tried something new and thought "Why didn't I think of that?" Debra Lee of West Milford did indeed think of a better way - to simplify decorating cupcakes.
As a busy mom of three girls, Debra Lee was looking for a way to simplify her kids’ favorite treat and reduce the mess and waste involved with plain paper liners. As a result, she created edible cupcake wrappers she calls Bake Huggers.

Environmentally friendly

A green alternative to the typical paper or foil liners used for cupcakes, Debra Lee’s edible Bake Huggers bake right onto the cupcake or muffin, and you eat the entire cupcake, liner and all, leaving no waste. The liners are also gluten free.
According to her Web site,, “By using liners made of a special mix of potatoes and vegetable oil and decorating them with edible inks, she had more time to enjoy her kids’ birthday parties and not spend her time decorating each individual cupcake or cleaning up the mess they left behind."
And the kids loved eating the liner with the cupcakes because the liners take on the flavor, as well as the texture, of the cupcakes while baking. Debra Lee’s Bake Huggers feature whimsical illustrations that she says “allow creative ease for every baker."

Award-winning idea

Debra Lee submitted her Bake Huggers idea to the Discovery Channel’s “Homemade Millionaire” television show hosted by Kelly Ripa. The show features products from aspiring female entrepreneurs competing to win a deal with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) to sell their product. Debra Lee’s idea was chosen to be featured on the show and she went on to become the culinary winner. She said she received even more inspiration from “Homemade Millionaire” judge Emeril Lagasse when he said, "Why didn't I think of that?" during the show. Debra Lee won the opportunity to present her Bake Huggers on HSN, and the product sold out in less than five minutes of air time.

Not just for birthdays

Debra Lee is not only the creator of Bake Huggers edible liners, but also the CEO of Signed Originals, Inc., the distributor of the product. She has been able to increase her design offerings, so that Bake Huggers include year-round designs. They include birthday cakes, lady bugs, sports liners, new baby, graduation, holidays, and her newest product, Graffiti edible liners. These allow home bakers to express themselves with edible markers and customize the product for special occasions.


As a professional artist, the new Graffiti liners were no doubt inspired in part by Debra Lee’s passion for art and her work as an art therapy consultant for The Arc, Community Options, and other organizations. Debra Lee works with children with autism and other disabilities. The artwork they make has amazed her and the kids hold a very special place in her heart. She, in turn, wants to help raise awareness of special needs children. A portion of the profits she makes from Bake Huggers goes toward autism research, to help find a cure and for treatment for those living with the disorder.
“They have created amazing murals to be proud of!” she said. And she is proud. There is a section on her Web site called Bake Huggers & Autism where she displays some of the artwork done by her students. She also has photos of their work on her Facebook page at Debra Lee.
“It all comes full circle, as it should” she said.

Join the cupcake revolution

Bake Huggers are now available on the Web site, Prices range from $10.95 to $13.95 for 24 liners. You can shop by category - there are liners for many holidays - and read more about Debra Lee and her revolutionary way to bake cupcakes.
Have your cupcake and eat the liner too!