It's kitten season

| 27 Jun 2012 | 01:45

WEST MILFORD — This week marks the beginning of summer and the start of kitten season at the West Milford Animal Shelter. The first litter of spring kittens are now old enough to be placed up for adoption.

Diego is a handsome tiger striped kitten and has a very outgoing personality. He is not related to the other kittens as he arrived at the shelter as a lonely kitten without a mom or littermates.

The other four kittens are as sweet as fruit and are named Kiwi, Pear, Peaches and Apple. They are a bit shyer than Diego as they have not adapted to living in a shelter as quickly as Diego did. They are lovely and loving kittens and just need someone to give them some love and kindness to make them feel comfortable and help them "ripen" into the playful and curious kittens they want to be.

All of the kittens have been tested for FIV/Feline Leukemia, received a distemper inoculation and a physical exam. They are too young for a rabies vaccination, which is given around the age of six months.

The fee to adopt these cute, furry bundles of love and joy is $35 plus a $50 refundable security deposit. This deposit is to ensure that the new owners spay or neuter their kitten and it is refundable once the kitten is altered and proof of the surgery is provided to the shelter. The refund process takes about four weeks. The final cost is $35, which is less than the cost of a veterinarian office visit/physical exam. This is also the lowest adoption fee in the area.

For information call 973-728-2859 or visit and you can learn more by joining the shelter on facebook.